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Est. 2016

LadyWardiyy or also known as Mudarrisah Lisa, Founder and Director of Little Imtiyaz Centre aims to inspire and guide parents – educators by providing them useful teaching tools in just few clicks 👆

Little Imtiyaz Centre is an Arabic Preparatory companion for over 3 years that shares and produces various interactive learning methodologies that promote fun learning. Here in Little Imtiyaz Centre, we form a dedicated team of teachers to provide our key stakeholders with interactive and useful resources to make their Arabic Language learning an easy and enjoyable experience.

Apart from classes, Little Imtiyaz Centre also focuses on producing good quality Arabic learning materials to better equip all parents and their children. We are dedicated to providing you with fun and useful resources to make your Arabic learning an easy and enjoyable experience.

We would love to be part of your nurturing journey, together with you, providing only the best resources for the little ones to explore and benefit from it.

Through this personal blog, we are keeping you updated on the latest syllabus, useful tips and techniques on teaching Arabic the fun & easy way ❤

If you are preparing your loved ones for the upcoming Madrasah Entrance Test… Yes, we feel you! Thus, our  Lady Boss feels the urge and importance of setting up “LadyWardiyy” and sharing her passion with others.

Keep a look out on our space as we will flood with nothing, but only awesome and beneficial resources such as Arabic Worksheets, Assessment Papers and MORE AND MORE AND MORE FREE PRINTABLES!

We invite parents to share their thoughts and awesome ideas via our blog and email as well!

Let’s start… Click “Search here” for more posts. May Allah ease all affairs and shower us with His blessings. Amin!

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